Coon Family

about the foundation

We are a family foundation guided by our belief that every human being has an obligation to care about and to take care of the planet and its people.

our mission

We support charitable organizations working in the following areas:

  • the environment, including environmental justice;
  • poverty, including healthcare;
  • arts and literacy.

We accomplish our goals by seeking organizations that:

  • are relatively small and not well-funded already;
  • focus on issues locally or regionally or within a specific international area;
  • to the extent that they work in the international arena, do not impose U.S. values but instead empower qualified partners in those countries;
  • have a sound guiding principle that informs what they do;
  • offer a model that provides inspiration and education to other organizations;
  • utilize innovative approaches;
  • work towards practical, rather than symbolic, impacts;
  • pursue work we understand well;
  • have staff we believe to be highly skilled at what they do.

how we operate

The Coon Family Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals. Instead, we fund 501(c)(3) nonprofits identified by our own initiative who carry out work within our areas of focus.